This blog was created following advice in a free email course “How to build a blog that boosts your career” by John Sonmez (owner and founder of
It covers the topics necessary to build a blog in 6 quick lessons. (In the programming world people start counting from zero)

Lesson 0: Making the commitment to build a blog
Lesson 1: Selecting a name and theme for the blog
Lesson 2: Getting the site built and hosted (amazing that this now fits into a single lesson)
Lesson 3: Building a list of topics so you never run out of things to write about.
Lesson 4: Setting and committing to a release schedule for blog posts.
Lesson 5: A strategy for driving people to your blog (no money needed).

Here a are a few potential benefits that you might get from a blog:
0) Get better at writing.
1) Use the blog as an extended resume, as a tool that demonstrates competence in a field the next time you are looking for work.
2) Potentially leverage it to interview and make contacts with experts
3) Build an audience of intelligent people to whom you can market a product (once you create something they would like).
4) Have a repository of notes that track as I learn a new topic, as well as seeing how much (or little) i’ve learned in a given period of time.
Since this is one of my first blog posts and that leaves me in no position to make recommendations, I propose using this blog as a living test. In at least a year of blogging we’ll revisit this post and see how much of an effect it’s had and if there’s anything I missed.

If perchance this blog is successful by the time you read this post, I highly recommend checking out John Sonmez on Youtube as well as

-Michael van Dyk